Live the life you choose

Do you ever feel frustrated by life's apparent restrictions? Perhaps you feel you could improve your behaviour or situation but you are just not sure where to start?

Maybe you have a phobia or anxiety that stops you living life to the full? For others life is just going along in a mediocre fashion but they have the sense that they are missing out on a happier more extraordinary path if only they could get on to it.

The Thrive Programme is that path.

Thrive is a structured, easy to follow training programme, which is delivered via the specially designed Thrive workbook. People can either work through this comprehensive workbook by themselves at home, or do so in conjunction with face-to-face sessions with a trained Thrive Consultant who can help explain concepts further. A consultant can expertly guide you through, helping you get to the bottom of your thought processes and habits more succinctly to ensure your success.



Basically, the training involves you really getting to understand:

  • What makes you ‘tick’, including: what – if any – limiting beliefs you have
, your personality type, the specific ‘thinking styles’ you adopt
  • How the three Primary Limiting Beliefs decide how you are going to lead your life
  • How much power you believe you have to make changes in your life: How much ‘self-efficacy’ you have and how much sense of internal power and control
 is at your fingertips
  • How superstitions, magical, and fate, luck and chance type beliefs affect your life
  • How your self-esteem can be changed in just two weeks
  • How YOU create anxiety, stress, fears and phobias – and how to get rid of them
  • How your desire for control means you avoid many situations in life, and actually create more anxiety
  • How your emotions and your thinking affect your immune system, and your ability to stay healthy
  • A true understanding of just how our mind and bodies interact to produce symptoms, and how we can change them
  • How different this programme is to any other, and why this one works while others fail
  • How you can overcome just about any situation in life, and Thrive, not just survive