How can Thrive help you and your business to succeed

Companies are made up of people. People communicate and behave according to their thought processes, feelings and the way they deal with the events and circumstances that surround them.

What if you or your employees could interact and get the job done better whilst feeling happier and more fulfilled? With The Thrive Programme stress and staff sickness are reduced, individual and team performances are raised and the business environment is quickly and simply turned into an enjoyable place to work.

The Thrive Workbook which accompanies the programme is written in an easy to read and accessible way that does not require previous knowledge of psychology or academic experience. It is relevant to people of any age or background with any issues that are getting in the way of their health, success or happiness.

It is a unique evidence based programme that has been developed by Rob Kelly and has been founded upon psychological research and Rob’s clinical experience with thousands of clients. Everything you read makes rational sense. 'Unlike some other training programmes or therapies Thrive is empowering because it is understandable, accessible and non-magical,' explains Rob Kelly.

It is useful in the corporate world because it shows individuals and teams how to manage their thoughts and therefore their lives including their work roles more effectively.

This results in:

Great decision making

Clearer communication

Engaging presentation style

Raised confidence and self-esteem

Setting achievable goals

Higher motivation

Enhanced people management skills

Happier workplace relationships and environment