Listen to the people who've experienced Thrive and see how it helped a range of problems and obstacles. Thrive is different to other books because it has a measured high success rate.

Last night I had a voicemail to say that the operation I had been preparing for through Thrive had been cancelled. I was feeling so ready that I was amazed to find that I am just really disappointed (and not relieved as I would have expected). This shows what a change has happened in me already! I know that when it is rearranged I am ready to handle it.

LJ, Plymouth

My life is mine now that I thrive.

I've never written a review in my life so another first! This book changed my life along with a chap called Angus Donald (Exeter,Devon). I've been a filthy drug smoker for years, wasting my life thinking everything was too hard and blaming my childhood or myself. I stopped smoking straight away after the first session - no withdrawal - no insomnia - no mood swings. Why ?? I found out that addiction is in our heads, we lead ourselves to feel these negative and punishing emotions and there is no need. If we can make ourselves feel like that we can do the reverse and make ourselves happy and positive! We put up these imaginary walls and we can take them down too. This book is the most amazing thing that has happened to me. Don't struggle on. It's the best money you will ever spend and much cheaper than rehab. If you really want to live, breathe and have happiness, you NEED Thrive. :)

JT, Mid Devon

When Angus told me about the positive results of the Thrive Programme, I was sceptical. I did the program primarily to increase my confidence and self belief. The Thrive manual was easy to read and work through, guided by Angus.  It was anecdotal, interesting and thought provoking as it took you on a journey of self discovery - identifying many things such as: your personality traits, limiting beliefs and whether you felt in control of your life. It felt logical and sensible. It all made sense.

It has helped me build better relationships within my family with my wife and children and to set goals for the next part of my life. It helped me communicate more thoughtfully and approach life with positivity.

Great work Angus.

SF, Exeter

I was looking for some professional guidance to help me in my work place when I came across The Thrive Programme.  I wasn’t getting the best out of my team and was often feeling stressed at work.

Back then I thought there were many reasons why things weren’t going well. Angus helped me work through the Thrive manual. He was extremely understanding, supportive and insightful and I soon began to see my negative thought patterns and how they were affecting actually all areas of my life. Thrive has helped me to be a better manager, enjoy my work again and have a happier, more positive outlook on life in general. Although I have made the changes myself Angus helped to explain and gently challenge me. He is a great life coach.

WM, Exeter