The Thrive Programme explains how to take control of your life through self-awareness and thought management. It offers a happier future whatever the obstacles.

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The Thrive Programme equips you with the self-awareness and knowledge of psychological principles and skills that you need to flourish in life, whatever your circumstances.

When you are 'thriving' you are living your life to the full. You will find it easier to stay happy, healthy and to achieve your goals. There are other courses and books offering an array of techniques so why does Thrive have such a high success rate?

The answer is that The Thrive Programme is essentially very easy to read. It is a manual that you work through either on your own or more commonly with a Thrive consultant who can help you get to the very core of self-awareness. With this depth of knowledge you are able to clearly see what needs to be done to 'get better.' Change requires effort but the motivation to put that effort in comes easily and willingly when it makes so much sense.

What makes Thrive different? Rob Kelly Founder of The Thrive Programme explains...

'Unlike some other training programmes or therapies Thrive is empowering because it is understandable, accessible and non-magical. Thrive is not therapy or a treatment programme where something is ‘done to’ a person. It is all about empowering people to make the necessary changes for themselves.

The Thrive Programme aims to provide people with evidence and make a rational argument, so that they can comes to their own reasoned conclusion. This also helps them to take responsibility for making any changes and builds a sense of personal power.'

The testimonials both on this site and on the main Thrive website bear witness to the huge difference it's made to everyone who has been on this fun and compelling journey. 'It isn't tough. It's liberating at every step,' says a recent client.

  • Health

    Do you have health issues that are getting in the way? Using The Thrive Programme you can give up smoking, leave fears and phobias behind, resolve eating disorders, change weight issues and help with myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), post-viral fatigue (PVFS) and chronic fatigue. When you are Thriving you are naturally more resilient and healthy and it becomes easier to stay that way.

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  • Happiness

    Are you living life to the full, and enjoying every day or does the reality seem a diluted version of that? You can use The Thrive Programme to enhance your friendships, relationships and family life. It can eliminate stress and anxiety, lift depression and self esteem through changing your limiting beliefs and unhelpful thinking styles and develop the skills needed to feel positive.

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  • Success

    Would you like to raise your game or see your employees working more effectively? Thrive has been widely used with fantastic results in the corporate world.

    Thrive enhances motivation, positivity and confidence and  shows you how to achieve goals to ensure success.


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